Dealing with Breakups – How Constellation can be Consolation

People come and go. As you go through life stages, there are bound to be some breakups, losses of relationships or friendships. Despite, it can be challenging to face those difficult feelings on our own. So here I am sharing one perspective that has been helping me to move forward and feel at ease about certain separations.

I was in a relationship and felt out of love. I knew it’d make sense to initiate a breakup but I felt so much guilt that I started a relationship without sticking to it.

By chance I sought advice from a man of wisdom and life experiences, David Sykes. He asked me “Were you serious about him when you got together?” “Were you genuine and true to yourself in the relationship?” ..etc.. I answered yes to these questions. He responded “You weren’t intending to mislead. Then what is it that you feel guilty about the breakup?”

That, helped me.

Seeking Consolation for Breakups with Constellation

Relationships in life are like stars in a starry sky… David Sykes

He continued saying that relationships in life are like stars in a starry sky…

Comet radiates an intense brightness but fleets fast – it can be someone who makes a strong impression on you, someone enlightening, inspiring or hurting despite of the short duration of appearance.

Meteorite is shiny shooting stars with soft brightness of a short-lived appearance – it can be an acquaintance or someone who briefly appears in your life without making any significant impact on your being or your mind.

Polaris or North Star is the brightest star there is in the evening sky and it stays there – it can be someone who is always there for you, supportive, loving or strongly influences you throughout your life.

Then you have other stars, with various levels of brightness, they are always there – they are not the most dazzling in terms of influences in your life but their delicate shine are comforting and steady and they make up most of the sky making you feel belonged.

This perspective of seeing relationships helps me to easily define each relationship and helps me to prioritize  – which one relationship to cherish and to make efforts for – and it helps me to feel more at ease when a relationship ends.

I hope this sharing from the wise comet David Sykes I met a long while ago also offers you comfort as it did for me. Since, I don’t just count my blessings, I count my stars too!

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